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Replacing RTW - Simplicity 6672 - Black&Grey Maxi

Reflecting on everyone's goals for the year, it seems that some of the main trends for 2014 sewing bloggers who make resolutions, is to stash bust, continue RTW (ready to wear) fasts and develop some TNT (tried & true) patterns with variations.

I spent the later part of 2013 building an enviable stash (of both patterns and fabric) and am sure I'll find some pretty pieces to add to it in 2014 ;)
It's a gorgeous photo (on film no less)
Surely you don't want dress details as well?!

I've 'fallen off the RTW fast wagon' twice in the past 10 months, for tops each time, and strangely (no, not really!), still have the same fitting particulars in RTW that I'm muslin-ing out in my creations ;)

So, my resolution for 2014 is to replace my worn out RTW wardrobe. There's a rather sizeable list that I've created - I followed Jenny's lead and looked at which items were highest on my washing rotation.
One of the downfalls of this approach is of course that finding equivalent fabrics is near impossible - many of my RTW purchases were made on fabric choice rather than style - and the prints that I love, simply are out of fashion (except when they pop up somewhere like Emma One Sock or The Fabric Store!).

One item that's had SO much wear is a cheapo polyester maxi dress in the most awesome mix of blues -  it fits without effort, has a flowing front to hide large meals, shoulders that cover bra straps and has simply gone everywhere, dressed up or down.

How fortunate that my pattern stash building threw up this 1974 wedding/day dress which is almost the exact same style ;)
This envelope image is from the Vintage Patterns Wiki
mine is a tad scruffier, same size though ;)

Meet Simplicity 6672. Described by etsy sellers as Grecian inspired, it's a lovely flowing dress with lots of fabric gathered at centre front. It has potential to be overwhelming or a very comfortable maternity dress. Considering it's replacing a dress I bought while pregnant, I can see this potential.

The pattern pieces - Quite a full skirt
How the bodice pieces together
It's been made up previously and modelled by Cathy over at Male Pattern Boldness, and which Peter noted, is quite similar to Vogue 1118.
It's a maxi, really!!
My pattern review is here

I had 3m of a featherlight, textured, black & grey knit that I'd obtained from Darn Cheap Fabrics when I made my grey Tiramisu (see, I am stash busting!!) The light weightiness of the fabric is the key to this dress flowing gracefully rather than bunching and adding kilos to my frame.

The back of the dress is quite streamlined and there is no waist seam.
I omitted the back zip as the pattern is for wovens and this is a knit. I did add some shaping into the centre back seam for my sway back.

There is no side seam under the arms, it's a side panel from behind the arms to the front armhole princess seam. The side panel is triangular in shape from the waist, providing half of the front drape.
I think I like side panels in dresses, they're messier to fit than a side seam, but the cleaner line works for my silhouette.

I also adjusted the front bodice gathering higher by approximately 3cm as the weight of the skirt pulled it down to an unattractive position.

The neckline is 'self faced' with 'own material', it's just a wide front folded under and continues as a back collar - I really like the raised back neckline and it's very comfortable - as well as reassuring me that my neck isn't getting burnt.

And I feel that I should have altered my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge to be all 70's as I'm really feeling the love for this decade at the moment ;)


  1. it's lovely! looks great on you!

  2. Beautiful photos and a stunning dress! You look absolutely marvellous. And guess what - I own this pattern, and it is just moved up my sewing queue!

  3. Gorgeous dress.

    I have never been a fan of the 70's but recently I have started to dig it.

    There are some links below patterns out there just like yours. Thinks me might have to having a real good look.

    1. Sorry that was suppose to say some lovely patterns.

  4. Lara, it's such a lovely pattern to sew - I didn't make a single alteration (apart from shaping the back & that I could have skipped) - I think I've forgotten the sheer joy that is cutting out a single size pattern & letting the knit just do it's thing. Fabric choice is the key - I shudder to think of it on me in the suggested shantung!

  5. Thanks Carrie! Maxi's are just great for a 'pick me up' aren't they! I really liked the feel & pattern of the fabric when I bought it, but wasn't sure what I'd use it for - this was perfect ;)

  6. Thanks Joanne ;) And I love my contrasting black & white/greys ;)

  7. That is a great dress, what a fab pattern. It looks great on you :)

  8. Lovely dress. Dig the 70s vibe!

  9. Gorgeous dress in every way! I've been loving 70's patterns lately too :)

  10. what a dress! I love the shape and the fabric... definitely a winner!

  11. I'm loving the 70's vibe! Though I can't recall any school teachers in maxis - it was all cord flares, vests & turtlenecks!

  12. I love your 70's Butterick - so flattering, and that fabric, gorgeous!!

  13. Thanks Jenny, I suspect we might have some similar pattern tastes! ;)

  14. Thanks Jacq - I'm deliciously envious of your vintage pattern bingo choices & can't wait to see them start to appear ;)

  15. You should have seen my Year 4 teacher, Miss Lynch - maxi skirts, plaid bell-bottom trousers, cord jackets with enormous lapels, the most amazing platform shoes. She was 70s personified. A complete contrast to the other Year 4 teacher at the school - full nun's habit:) Miss Lynch only lasted a year at that school - I wonder why?

  16. Love your idea and pattern choice. It's just lovely and on trend.

  17. ;) She sounds awesome! And perhaps, a tad modern for the school ;) I remember a few funky teachers over the years ;)

  18. Thank Maria, I agree, there are some gems out there just waiting to be re-loved! ;)

  19. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much I love this! I adore that bodice, the interesting neckline and the wide shoulder sleeveless look. Just perfect!

  20. Heyyyy, I have this pattern and loved the look of it but have never seen anyone sew it up. Yours is stunning! Seriously, there is something about the shape and flow of this dress that makes it close to perfect. You look like Jackie O in this dress. Nice fabric choice too, I was wondering how it would look in a knit. I also love 70s fashions and patterns. I find them very wearable with a past decades feel bit not that vintage costume look that I don' t personally wear.

  21. Thank you! ;) It's such a lovely pattern.

  22. Hurray, just what I wanted to see, that this dress is wearable, sewable and flattering!! well done on your dress, you've done a great job. I just picked up this pattern for 50c in the op shop, and all the knits are on sale in spotlight, I'm going there forthwith! thanks for the inspiration x


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