Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A silk sarong for Sydney: V1310

May I present .... a sarong...
Well, ok, it's a Chado ralph rucci Vogue Pattern - V1310 currently out of print, but still in stock at my local pattern store during the latest (rare) $5 pattern sale.

It's been made up by a few talented ladies - I particularly like Corecouture's who likened it to a toilet roll - stay with me! ;) It's the spiral seam down the skirt that is best described as similar in form to a toilet roll core. Fortunately that one seam is sewn on the straight grain, so the only real concerns come with pattern matching.

Red is CF & ties, green is CB

The skirt takes 2.34m for my 5'6" + heels height (excluding lining)

I couldn't imagine it in the thicker crepe that the pattern envelope shows, however, I adore it in a thin, slippery, silk. This silk was nabbed from Kinki Gerlinki after I saw it on Helen's Instagram feed - and when I went back to buy more, it was nowhere to be found, so I was very glad I had 2m.
That one centre seam, sewn a few times... and learning about bias and dropping
Vogue 1310 requests 4m of silk as it is self lined.
My 2m of 115cm silk required a touch of piecing and it isn't lined, I'd possibly increase the size of the facings to create a partially lined version down to my hips, however I chose not to add another fabric and have the tiniest of scraps left.
My muslin unfolded & used as my pattern piece, note how my silk is short
As alluded to, this is a skirt that hangs beautifully on the bias, an effect achieved by using only one seam, spiralling around the body. Threads magazine kindly highlighted this skirt for use with border prints, which did a lovely job in reassuring me that my fabric/pattern pairing was perfect.
There are three layers of silk organza, including the selvage, along the waist seam and ties, and I reinforced the waist end of the tie slit as well. The instructions are very kind and guided me through each stage of hand basting. I swapped the cotton twill suggested for an extra 2 layers (& selvage) of the silk organza. (Sourced from Sew Squirrel) - Hint found on Patricia's Note's from a High Road top post
There are three layers of silk organza (including the selvage) stabilising the waist & ties
To pair with this amazing desert storm skirt, I went for a simple top. A cropped tank from my bodice block, I wanted it boxy & structured to contrast with the silkiness of the skirt.

The circular bronze lace (hmm, feel free to let me know what else the metallic circles on the organza base could be described as) came from Rathdowne Remnants when the Collette Dinnegan silks arrived. I loved it on sight and despite it being horrid to sew, am very glad that it has been sewn and worn.
I underlined it with a crepe/satin in pink and wrestled at every seam with the thickness of the centre of the circles, and how they frayed away if cut. The neck & armholes are finished with hand sewn bias in the pink satin. To enable me to wear this with jeans in future, I didn't cut the bronze fabric short, rather, it's folded under and hand sewn to the underlining.

And where did I wear this amazing ensemble? Why to Frocktails in Sydney on Saturday night of course ;) Kat will post a round up of who was there and who we all wore (spoiler, I wore MaciNic) ;)

A huge Thank You to all of the wonderful ladies who came to Sydney - and to the Melbourne crew who hosted their very own Mocktails & linked in online.
Silliness with half of the awesome Canberra Crew: Jen TheStitcher&Gatherer & Myra 
Thanks Kat for the photos!! ;)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My little Scarflett

I Don't Knit.  I tried to, I drop stitches, I add stitches randomly, I have such a tight tension that I snap knitting needles, I have the attention span of a gnat. Knitting isn't for me.
Yet, somehow, I knitted this:

I've posted for the first time on Ravelry too - and lost so many hours browsing all of the wonders that are there - it's inspiring.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


My ear-worm for this dress has been Phil Collins Sussudio (you're welcome...)
There's a dress that's been on my mind... all the time...
If I just say the word .. "Kie-Kie-Kielo"....
always have a prop.... ;)
 Like many others, I was underwhelmed when it was released as part of Named's collection, yet strangely attracted to it. I then wanted it when Sew Independent looked so amazing in hers (blue & red). I stalked Busy Lizzy in Brizzy as she made hers transeasonal for MMMay14 and have since spotted Sew Jean Margaret's, Sara Berkes', Janika's and Annakreeta's.. clearly I couldn't move past without making it!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Basic Black Bodices; a book review

I only work in black - hmm... I feel like I just started a post with Batman's quote...

Along with many other sewing book fans, I waited impatiently for the English language release of Sato Watanabe's Japanese pattern book Basic Black: 26 Edgy Essentials for the Modern Wardrobe.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sail away with Mandy Hudson

When I was a young, voracious reader, I used to dream of adventures along the Hudson with Trixie Belden, Honey and the Bob Whites - in my dreams I had short curly hair (just like Trixie) and was a bit of a tomboy - well, not much has changed ;)
My absolute favourite book in the 34 books that I read in the series was The Mystery of the Ghostly Galleon (1979) with a genuine glow in the dark disappearing pirate ship!
Don't mind me while I climb the rigging and dream of pirate adventures...

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Teal waterfall cardigan = Swoon

I do like teal. And when there's just enough left on the bolt of snuggly luscious wool knit at Rathdowne Remnants for a waterfall cardigan, well, how could I not indulge!

The pattern is Swoon's free Scarf Neck Cardigan, which comes in both women's and girls sizing. It's been made up recently (& locally) by MrsNickpea, Lara Thornberry and Sewn By Elizabeth, who was working on one at SewAway.