Saturday, 25 October 2014

What difference does a language, or fabric make... Cascade #13 or m

I have spent many months (I'll admit to well over a year...) admiring everything in Handmade by Carolyn's blog and apart from her Alabama Chanin creations, the posts I keep re-reading & being inspired by are those from Natsuno Hiraiwa's  Unique Clothes Anyway You Like It, released in English as Shape Shape.
Shape Shape is now out of print in English - sigh, I remain SO far behind the times some days... so after getting an inter-library loan & reluctantly returning it, I've bought the Japanese version.
This is Shape Shape's #13 Cascade Skirt, or UCAYLI's skirt 'm'. Carolyn made it in a gorgeously soft pink linen cotton  and my grey shirting is my closest version to this inspiration.

As a lesson in choosing fabrics wisely, my first version was in this slightly stretchy, heavier weight print. I adore this fabric & might have clutched it to my chest, along with my raspberry dragon scales wool, while at The Remnant Warehouse in Sydney during a fabulous fabric store tour with Maria.
I do love this fabric as a skirt, it hugs but doesn't show the seams of my underthings, and the little hatted men are just so fabulous. It doesn't collapse into itself though and as dramatic as it appears, the skirt extension simply doesn't work in it.
Exhibit A:

I also used snap tape instead of a zip on this version - my thought was that I could vary the waist circumference & wear it on my waist or my hips as I wished - that definitely doesn't work, the snaps pop open with the weight of the skirt, let alone with any movement or small person tugging = closure fail. It's ok though as being one large rectangle, the fabric is available for another pattern - and I feel it will be perfect for a Vogue 1247...
The lighter weight shirting was collected as part of my $10 fabric haul at Phillips Shirtmakers - I was completely overwhelmed by the bolts of fabric and limited myself to the remnant bins - there's been a few pictures on Instagram of the amazingness of their first ever sale, and I do hope they have another one - I'll focus on the bolts next time, I promise!
another 'Anna's Shrug' from a Phillips remnant
I initially thought (on trying it on), that I'd erred on it being too lightweight for the skirt, and then noticed that Carolyn had lined her lightweight version, an excellent idea. I'm tempted to try for a lucky third time with something really drapey, and potentially lined. I have worn this version out to three social functions & found that the textured grey goes with SO much of my spring wardrobe, so I guess it's a keeper as is ;)
I used an exposed metal zipper from the stash rather than the invisible zipper the English pattern called for as after my experience with the snap tape, I don't trust the plastic zipper to hold. A touch of overkill maybe, but I also like the exposed metal teeth.
I also reinforced the waist with straight seam binding within the layers of the self faced seam.
The skirt is one large pattern piece, joined on the side seam and with the zip, half of the waist, which forms the cascading drape. I sewed a size L without sizing modifications.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hopping around

Hop Hop Hop - the delightful Myra from My-Zee-Moo has passed the blog hop onto me and before I forget, I'm going to nominate my two hopping recipients - Jenny of Rennous-oh-Glennus and Helen Funkbunny! Now, to settle in with a coffee & answer the Blog Hop questions ;)

(no lie, I have just stepped back with a long Macc - freshly roasted beans & the perfect amount of texturised milk = yum) 

((and yes, Mac is named after coffee - a short and long one with just a stain of white...))

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A silk sarong for Sydney: V1310

May I present .... a sarong...
(post edited to add some daylight photos of the V1310 skirt & Pattern Review post)
worn backwards in this shot, as worn to a wedding

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

My little Scarflett

I Don't Knit.  I tried to, I drop stitches, I add stitches randomly, I have such a tight tension that I snap knitting needles, I have the attention span of a gnat. Knitting isn't for me.
Yet, somehow, I knitted this:

I've posted for the first time on Ravelry too - and lost so many hours browsing all of the wonders that are there - it's inspiring.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


My ear-worm for this dress has been Phil Collins Sussudio (you're welcome...)
There's a dress that's been on my mind... all the time...
If I just say the word .. "Kie-Kie-Kielo"....
always have a prop.... ;)
 Like many others, I was underwhelmed when it was released as part of Named's collection, yet strangely attracted to it. I then wanted it when Sew Independent looked so amazing in hers (blue & red). I stalked Busy Lizzy in Brizzy as she made hers transeasonal for MMMay14 and have since spotted Sew Jean Margaret's, Sara Berkes', Janika's and Annakreeta's.. clearly I couldn't move past without making it!